As much as we identify with our bodies and our minds, there is a third aspect of ourselves that is essential to our understanding of being human. This is our spirit, and perhaps the most mysterious of the three. Spiritual wellness is a key ingredient for good health.

When we hear the word spirit it may invoke images of religious practices or the afterlife. While these can be part of some people’s connection with their spirit, understanding spirituality can more universal.

Spiritual Wellness Is Connecting with Something Bigger than Ourselves

Whether we subscribe to a particular religion or not, we can hopefully all acknowledge that there is something greater than us in the world. Whether you think of it as God, universal consciousness, or even just the weather, it is easy to see that there is much we do not control.

This sense of something bigger than ourselves being at work in the world allows us to find meaning and purpose. Consider if life in the more universal sense does not begin and end with us. In this case, we have the opportunity to engage with something beyond our daily cares.

spiritual wellness

Answering Life’s Big Questions

It is a natural and important part of being human to ask ourselves what many think of as “the big questions.”

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What happens after I die?

Engaging in spiritual practices provides the framework from which we can reflect on and explore these questions. This is not a prescribed formula, but rather a journey of discovery as we reach beyond ourselves to connect with something deeper.

Finding Spiritual Wellness

People who are more spiritually connected experience a greater sense of emotional well-being and are more resilient in times of stress. (1) Spiritual well-being is even good for our physical health and can boost our immune systems and lower blood pressure. (2)

For those who engage in organized religion, there is usually a clear path for how they connect with their spiritual self. Outside the bounds of religion, there are still many ways to nurture a spiritual connection.

Taking a walk through nature, journaling, meditating, and practicing gratitude all allow us to access the deeper aspect of our spiritual nature. Taking time to reflect on the big questions or exploring philosophy cares for both mental and spiritual health.

spiritual wellness

Connecting with Spirituality

Being spiritually healthy means acknowledging the spiritual reality that is both part of the world and present within ourselves. The next step is to find what that means for our lives. Our spiritual nature cannot be ignored and needs to be tended.

People have explored the mystery of spirituality for thousands of years, and the quest will continue long after we are gone.

Consequently, our task is to find a meaningful spiritual connection in our daily life here and now. Spirituality is an essential part of the path that leads to health and wellness.