In the most essential way possible, your body is where you live. You only get one.

You have an incredible structure of bones, tissues, chemistry, physics, and emotions, all contained and impressively integrated within the human body. It’s often called a machine, but it has all the complexity of a universe.

Your body allows you to express all other aspects of yourself so in a sense its home base for the wellness of your entire being. Caring for your body is essential to wellness and often the aspect of caring for yourself that feels most accessible.

The Recipe for Physical Wellness Is Thankfully Very Simple

Movement + Nutrition + Water + Sunshine = Physical Wellness

It’s true, we’re basically plants.

This recipe may seem overly simple, and in a way it is. But it is also true that we are prone to making this too complex which can create unnecessary barriers to physical wellness. Yes, there are some wrong ways to treat your body, but there are also many right ways.

physical health


The entire structure of your body is designed to allow you to move as much as possible. In fact, not only does it allow you to move, but it also requires it. Too little movement is associated with a host of health issues including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. (1) A body that isn’t moved often and well can quickly become a barrier to physical wellness.


What we eat determines the makeup of our entire body. A body well-fed is a body that has all the building blocks needed to feel healthy. Good nutrition is essential to feel well in the present. Good nutrition also helps us experience more years of healthy life. (2)

Our relationship to food does more than impact the physical health of our bodies. It brings us joy and is part of our social and emotional well-being. Eating nourishes in more ways than one.


The body is made up of about 70% water, making it a critical ingredient to good health. Mild dehydration may impact mood as well as cognition. (3) It’s a simple ingredient to our well-being that can make a huge difference.


This might seem like a strange addition to the recipe for physical health, but your body is made to be outdoors. You need the sun on your skin in order to create vitamin D which is essential for immune health. (4) Sunlight helps your body regulate your sleep cycle and improve your mood. (5) While there are important considerations for how much exposure is safe, we all need the sun.

Physical Wellness Is Our Foundation

We have likely all experienced at one time or another how difficult other areas of our life become when we don’t feel physically well. Tending to our bodies is an integral part of every aspect of wellness. In the big picture of wellness, the body is where we live. And we only get one.