A group can accomplish more than an individual. This is self-evident when it comes to building something tangible such as a house or a website. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes.

When it comes to generating new ideas or having a spark of creativity, we often imagine that happens best alone in the shower, where our finest ideas arise. However, working in a team is just as valuable a format for generating innovation.

The Benefits of Teamwork

While group projects in high school and college were often viewed with dismay, they laid the groundwork for being effective in a future career.

Successful businesses are often exemplars of how to harness the power of teams. (1) They know that when people are given the opportunity to interact and collaborate, innovation will follow. It takes intention to build an environment where working together is integral to the culture, but the payoff is substantial.

Better Information Flow in the Organization

Each person on a team brings a different set of information from their area within the business. Collecting all that information into one room allows for the effective dissemination of knowledge that makes the business work smoothly.

Without the collaboration of teams, information bottlenecks can develop with an organization that hurt productivity.

Better information flow in the organization

Teams Complete Work Faster

A project is more likely to go from concept to completion when a team is involved. A group of individuals with complementary skills can get a lot done quickly when given the resources and support to make them successful.

Teams complete work faster

Teamwork Fosters Innovation and Problem Solving

Being able to bounce ideas around and challenge our thinking creates an environment where new ideas or solutions can emerge. This can be highly dependent on the team culture, however, and the best teams have a healthy balance of competitive drive. (2) The expectation is that everyone will bring their best ideas to the table.

Teamwork fosters innovation and problem solving

Working in a Team Naturally Leads to Learning Opportunities

A diverse group of people brings a diverse set of skills to the table. When the team environment is supportive and encouraging, members can bring their questions and share their expertise. This subsequently allows everyone to learn new things and improve their skills.

Working in a team naturally leads to learning opportunities

Being Part of a Team Increases Social Support and Workplace Satisfaction

When a team is functioning well, its members experience a sense of belonging. They are more likely to feel value and appreciation for their contributions. (3)

The support and structure of working in a team have even been found to decrease employee burnout. (4)

Being part of a team increases social support and workplace satisfaction

Working in a Team Makes Everyone Better

If done right, a work culture that utilizes effective teams is more innovative, stable, and successful. Well-run teams lead to well-run businesses. And groups that are flourishing allow the individuals within them to flourish as well.