Producing good work seems effortless when we feel inspired and motivated. However, when motivation lags, or we’re feeling a lot of stress, our creativity will suffer, and we’ll lack the drive to power through the day.

Motivation is rarely something that happens on its own. It is something sparked by a combination of good habits and inspiring or exciting ideas. Laying the groundwork of healthy practices will build motivation and drive and allow the inspiration to follow.

These four habits will lay the foundation for success.

Get Good at Saying No

Inspiration will be difficult if our task list is long and time is short. It can also be discouraging to devote time and effort to things that don’t utilize our skills or make the best use of our time. These are motivation killers.

While some less than thrilling tasks will always be part of our workday, many times, saying a healthy no will save us from busywork that steals our energy and motivation.

Practice saying no to unreasonable work requests or tasks that aren’t suited to your skills. If you say yes to everything, learning how to say no will take some effort. Once you get the hang of it, you will find you can focus on the work that matters to you, and you will feel more motivated at work. (1)

Workplace wellness: Get good at saying no

Break Tasks down into Smaller Chunks

The hardest part of a big project is often the first step. Focusing on the entirety of what needs to be done feels overwhelming and can drain motivation.

Instead of or looking at the work as a whole, break it down into manageable pieces. (2) As each smaller segment is completed, it will reinforce motivation and make it easier to continue. Setting reasonable goals is essential to making this work.

Workplace wellness: Break tasks down into smaller chunks

Make Time Each Day to Read

Many of the world’s most successful people credit daily reading as a key to their success. (3) Reading allows you to learn new things, be inspired by others’ work, and find moments of relaxation for your busy mind. (4)

Take time to read each day builds motivation and momentum. It exposes you to new ideas, inspiring stories of other people finding success, and even new techniques to incorporate into your life to keep you moving towards your goals.

Workplace wellness: Make time each day to read

Reward Yourself

Plan a way to reward yourself whenever you complete a large project or finish something you are struggling to motivate yourself to do. Having something pleasurable to look forward to can be a powerful motivator.

Ideally, the reward is something that is not only pleasurable but also healthy. A night out with friends, a new book, or maybe even a weekend away after a huge success. Skip the sugary treats and find more satisfying rewards that also enhance your well-being.

Workplace wellness: reward yourself

Success at Work Doesn’t Happen by Chance

The most successful workers build habits that allow them to achieve their goals. Structure your work life to maximize your drive. This is essential to long-term success. While this may mean saying no to some things, you now have room for saying yes to the work you find most fulfilling. Together, these four habits will motivate you at work and improve your workplace wellness.

Happiness and satisfaction with your work will come when you use these habits as fuel for your drive to succeed.