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Frequently Asked Questions - Be Well

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we subscribe to Be Well @ Work?


Be Well @ Work is our rapidly growing enterprise platform and we plan to work directly with small businesses and large global corporations on their HR and employee wellness initiatives. With multiple forms of content such as articles, videos, audio, and musical files, there is a wealth of information that is easily consumed and integrated into daily lives. Connect [...]

What is performance improvement?


Performance Improvement is measuring efficiency and productivity, then finding ways to find ways to improve a specific process or procedure. This can include evaluating an employee in their entirety and devising a performance improvement plan, or evaluating a specific business process and trying to increase productivity and reduce errors. Quality control (QC) can be an integral part of Performance [...]

What is lean six sigma?


Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise are two processes that were combined into “Lean Six Sigma”. This was developed to eliminate waste in engineering,  manufacturing, and enterprise organizations for more precision and efficiency with a goal of 99.99966% accuracy. Six Sigma is a framework of intelligence within an organization responsible for executing and managing the Lean Six Sigma process. To [...]

What is Be Well @ Work?


Be Well @ Work is an exciting opportunity for health and wellness experts to partner with us and contribute to our growing content libraries. Subject Matter experts are invited to apply for partnership opportunities on this page: Partner with Us. This is mutually beneficial where experts and their advice can be seen and heard, and Be Well is actively [...]

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