Spiritual Wellness @ Be Well
Although we can’t see our spiritual health, we can feel it. And we all know when something feels right and good, and we know when something is not right. Spiritual health is the ability to understand these things because of a connection to the external life force of the universe. Spiritual health is also about developing morals, ethics and values that align with a harmonious universe and will in turn produce harmony in your own life. Building up our spiritual awareness through different practices and techniques is the ultimate food for the soul.

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What You Didn’t Know about Your Spirit and Why It Matters
This sense of something bigger than ourselves being at work in the world allows us to find meaning and purpose. Consider if life in the more universal sense does not begin and end with us. In this case, we have the opportunity to engage with something beyond our daily cares.

If Wellness Was a House
True wellness requires a view of the big picture. Or maybe just look around your house. Just like the home you live in, you are one structure that is made up of many different parts. You can enjoy and care for each room of your home separately, but it would be unwise to close the door to a room and ignore it. A room that doesn’t get cared for regularly quickly becomes unpleasant.

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