We all took Physical Education (PE) in grade school. The reason for that is because some physical exercise is important for all living beings, from childhood to adults. We all want to feel healthy, fit, and energetic. Physical health leads to increased feelings of well-being and a longer, healthier life. Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good chemical produced by the body.

Some form of weight bearing, resistance, stretching, and sweating are all different forms of exercise. Yoga, walking, weightlifting, tai-chi, and anything that involves moving the body is included as physical exercise.

Physical Wellness @ Be Well
Exercise can come in many forms from very low impact sitting in a chair, to extreme. Even five minutes a day can add up and make a difference. Our videos help members learn and stay motivated. Enjoy 5 – 10-minute fitness videos on yoga, dance, tai chi, stretching, and qigong. Just a few minutes of exercise a day is enough to see changes in your mind and body. Daily maintenance adds up over time. You can also find meditation videos that can be customized. These informative videos are anywhere from 3 – 30 minutes, for all levels of fitness.

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People who are more active live longer, have a lower risk of many chronic diseases, are stronger, more agile, and sleep better.

Taking a Walk Is More Powerful Than You Might Think

From the moment a child takes its first step, the world opens to them. The possibilities are endless for wandering, exploring, making mischief, and keeping up with all the other interesting people. The urge to get up and move is both an instinct and a joy.

Yoga as a Radical Act : Move Your Body Today @ Be Well

Most yogi’s will tell you there is something about yoga that goes beyond the benefits of movement and exercise. Whether we can put our finger on it or not, most people experience something deeper and more impactful during a yoga practice than when lifting weights at the gym.

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