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We all need opportunities to expand our intellectual abilities, express our curiosity and create what inspires us. Take a moment to learn something new. Knowledge is power and wisdom is power. Even learning a very simple thing can be significant. Never underestimate how learning new things can benefit you in ways you didn’t imagine at the time.

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Your Mind Is Not a Computer, It’s Way Better.
One of the things that sets humans apart from all other species is our ability for high level and abstract thought. Since about five weeks gestation, when we are no more than the size of a strawberry seed, our brains started developing and learning. Intellectual wellness is built into our genes.

Why Learning Something New Will Change Your Mind (Literally)

A good way to think about the mind is as silly putty, that strange glob of moldable substance that never dries out and is endlessly shapeable.

The brain is like that too. It is never finished and is able to flex and learn throughout our entire lives. This is called brain “plasticity” and is part of what makes it so fun to be human. We’re never set in stone and change is available to us at all times.

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