Financial Wellness @ Be Well
Financial health means having enough to meet your current needs while also making good choices to protect your future finances and live the life you want. Understanding how to spend and save that isn’t based on emotions or unhealthy social pressures is called financial intelligence. And when you can make intelligent choices and have a realistic attitude towards money, you can achieve financial wellness.

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Financial Wellness: Six Ways to Be a Savvy Spender – Be Well
Preventing difficult money situations is the best course of action for financial health. For most of us, that means managing our spending, so we live well within our means. It’s easy to say you will spend less, but the critical step is building habits that keep unnecessary splurges at bay.

Financial Health: Five Ways to Improve Financial Wellness – Be Well

Concern over money is the number one stressor for adults, and half of Americans say they lose sleep over it. No one wants to be trapped in a cycle of debt and overspending.

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