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From climate change to the pollution of air and water, the environment around us is changing in ways that are harmful to our health. True wellness means creating a safe world to live in. In every aspect of our lives no matter how small or large, there is a way to do it in an ecofriendly way. Most people don’t consciously think about it, and that’s why it’s so important to talk about it often. To enter the thoughts and minds of people and give them a new way of thinking and living that is always improving in significant and measurable ways.

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Ten Ways to Be More Eco-friendly at Work
Greening up your home is a significant first step to being eco-friendly. Step two is taking green practices into the workplace. After our homes, work is where we spend the most time, so it’s a prime space to make it eco-friendly. Even if your company or co-workers aren’t interested in making sustainable changes, there are many steps you can take all on your own.

Ten Ways to Be More Eco-conscious at Home
Because our homes are where we spend the majority of our time, the choices we make there determine our impact on the environment. Most importantly, our homes are a space where we control how our home’s microenvironment contributes to the world’s macro environment. Caring for the world around us starts where we live.

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