Emotional Wellness @ Be Well
Good emotional health allows us to be more self-aware and capable of deeper connections with others. It’s also the secret weapon against stress and depression. Emotional health is also about allowing yourself to feel emotions deeply without letting them make the decisions for you. It is through the deep emotions that we form lasting memories and it is strong emotions that are responsible for some of the most significant changes and accomplishments in the world. It’s also very important to recognize that bad emotions can be an equally destructive force and emotional wellness requires the ability to mitigate the bad.

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How Emotional Intelligence Can Make You Successful at Work
We don’t become robots when we step into the workplace. While there are many ways we may behave differently in the professional environment than outside of work, we are still emotional beings. There is no way to check our feelings at the door.

The Eight Fundamental Emotions that Influence Wellness – Be Well
Emotions are fundamental to life. They create the highs and lows of our existence and are essential to the most meaningful experiences we have as humans.


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