Be Well @ Work is an exciting opportunity for health and wellness experts to partner with us and contribute to our growing content libraries. Subject Matter experts are invited to apply for partnership opportunities on this page: Partner with Us.

This is mutually beneficial where experts and their advice can be seen and heard, and Be Well is actively engaging with the community.

  • We want to hear from you if you are:
  • A fitness or lifestyle expert
  • Workplace and HR professional
  • Content developers
  • Guest blogger

Affiliate opportunities are available for those who have a good sized following in a related field. Contact us to discuss marketing possibilities.

HR Departments and Small Businesses
We’re also interested in hearing from parties who want to collaborate on business initiatives such as incorporating Be Well content into their existing materials from our enterprise level platform and services.

Be Well offers a full suite of tools and content that help make living in this world a little less stressful. HR departments welcome programs like ours because they want to offer a resource to their workers and employees to show them they are valued as more than just a cog in a machine. When employees feel valued as a sensitive and hard working person, their levels of gratitude increase and there is more harmony and more productivity. This leads to a workplace of distinction, one that values their employees in a holistic way. We work with small businesses and large corporations around the world on getting their employee wellness program up to speed.

Even more than wellness, we also work with HR departments on lean six sigma performance improvement training to help increase productivity and efficiency. Our program provides certification in lean six sigma to the green belt level.

See our articles on Workplace Wellness.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Please contact us!