Wellness as defined by us, is an eight fold approach to addressing the main areas of life to include:

Emotional Wellness
Emotional health is being aware of our own emotions, managing them appropriately and allowing us to form deeper connections with others that are appropriate.

Financial Wellness
Financial health means having enough to meet your current needs while also making good choices on spending and saving to protect your future finances and live the life you want.

Physical Wellness
We all want to feel healthy, fit and energetic. Physical health leads to increased feelings of well-being and a longer, healthier life free of suffering.

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual health is an avenue by which we find meaning and purpose in our lives. A healthy connection with our spirit builds resilience, empathy and may even help you live longer.

Environmental Wellness
From climate change to the pollution of air and water, the environment around us is changing in ways that are harmful to our health. True wellness means creating a safe world to live in.

Intellectual Wellness
We all need opportunities to expand our intellectual abilities, express our curiosity and create what inspires us. Take a moment to learn something new.

Social Wellness
Being able to form deep, meaningful relationships is essential to our well-being. Connections to other people make us feel happy and is good for our physical health.

Workplace Wellness
Being involved in meaningful work provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is essential to wellness. We all need work that challenges us and brings us joy.

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