According to this article, “Four Tricks to Make Meditation Work for You”, start out by picking a good time when you are relaxed. Clear the room of distractions and put on cozy clothing. Sit comfortably. Start with a few minutes of mindful meditation, and gradually add more time as you want. Experiment with different times of day to see what is most effective for you. Some people like the mornings, others are night owls. Allow your mind to wander and fully experience all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you don’t normally allow yourself to feel. You are all alone and in a safe place of your own mind. Continue meditation sessions as often as you can. You’ll find you get to know yourself better over time.

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Meditation and Spiritual Wellness: Your Brain on Meditation – Be Well
One of the most powerful effects of meditation lies in how it changes the brain. When practiced regularly, meditation improves how the mind functions to manage emotions and intense feelings. It also releases endorphins that promote feelings of calm. The impact of meditation on the brain is one of the primary ways meditation enhances overall wellness.

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