True wellness requires a view of the big picture. Or maybe just look around your house.

Just like the home you live in, you are one structure that is made up of many different parts. Of course, you can enjoy and care for each room of your home separately. But, it would be unwise to close the door to a room and ignore it. In fact, a room that doesn’t get cared for regularly quickly becomes unpleasant.

So it is with people. Our wellness is dependent on the integrity of every aspect of our being. As a matter of fact, any part that is neglected or falls into disrepair will impact our whole life.

Each of these 8 aspects of being are like rooms of the home that is your wellness.

Dimensions of Wellness
eight dimensions of wellness

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness


Being able to form deep, meaningful relationships is essential to our well-being. Subsequently, connections to other people make us feel happy and is even good for our physical health (1). In addition to feeling the support of a strong social structure, we all need the satisfaction that comes from caring for our communities and those around us.

eight dimensions of wellness


Spiritual health provides us an avenue by which we find meaning and purpose in our lives. Some people find this through the practices and beliefs of organized religion, but there are also many other ways to nurture spirituality. A healthy connection with your spirit builds resilience, develops empathy and may actually help you live longer (2).

eight dimensions of wellness


Being involved in meaningful work provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is essential to wellness. Dissatisfaction on the job can lead to negative mental and physical health outcomes (3). We all need work that challenges us and brings us joy.

eight dimensions of wellness


Caring for the body provides a solid foundation from which we can engage in the many other aspects of our well-being. We all want to feel healthy, fit and energetic. In this case, physical health leads to increased feelings of well-being and a longer, healthier life.

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Life is full of situations that can bring us joy, frustration or sorrow. An important part of wellness is being able to identify feelings as they arise and then have the tools to express those emotions in a constructive way. As a result, good emotional health allows us to be more self-aware and capable of deeper connections with others (4). Emotional health is one of the most important of the eight dimensions of wellness.

emotional health


One of the most amazing things about people is their ability for complex thought and creativity. It’s an integral part of being human. We all need opportunities to expand our intellectual abilities, express our curiosity and create what inspires us.

Intellectual wellness means being able to focus and concentrate. Be better at


Financial health means having enough to meet your current needs while also making good choices to protect your future finances. People who experience financial stress are more likely to report health problems including anxiety and ulcers (5). Good financial health is essential to feelings of security and contentment.

eight dimensions of wellness


The health of the world around us is inextricably linked to our own individual health. The way we care for our environment is an indication of what we value as people and how broad our view of health is. As a result, the world needs our commitment to true wellness now more than ever.

Truly, health in each of these areas leads to integrated wellness in each of the eight dimensions. In fact, we don’t need to search outside ourselves for the key to a happy and fulfilling life. The answer is much closer to home.

eight dimensions of wellness